MESH Treatment

Will I need MESH for my prolapse repair?

This is certainly a popular subject right now. Television ads by attorney groups can be seen on a daily basis.  Patients need to understand the following: Despite what the attorney commercials are stating, there is no FDA recall on transvaginal mesh or mesh slings for incontinence. The FDA released a warning about the dangers of transvaginal mesh only, not a warning on slings for incontinence, and certainly not a general recall.  The FDA’s Safety Communication can be found here

Studies looking at vaginal mesh erosions place the national mesh erosion risk around 8-10%. Always ask your doctor what their mesh erosion rate is. This is information that any surgeon should be honest and forthcoming with.  According to AUGS (The American Urogynecologic Society), surgeons who wish to use mesh should have ample training in mesh placement, a thorough understanding of pelvic anatomy, and have experience in pelvic reconstructive surgery. We at UT Urogynecology agree with the American Urogynecologic Society's statement and support the use of mesh only in certain individuals and by qualified physicians. Patients should understand that, in the right hands, transvaginal mesh is a safe and effective means of treating more severe or recurrent forms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. The American Urogynecologic Society's Response to the FDA Safety Communication can be found here

Not everyone with prolapse needs transvaginal mesh. More often than not, our patients can have repairs using their own tissue, avoiding the need for mesh augmentation. The question of whether or not you will need mesh will be answered by your pelvic exam. If our providers believe you need mesh for your repair, they will discuss the repair along with all the risks, benefits, alternatives, and indications during your visit. It is always your choice to proceed with a mesh repair or request a repair without the use of mesh.

While our providers have a low mesh complication rate, they have experience in helping those with mesh complications, and can handle anything from simple in-office treatments to full removal of the mesh. If you have had a mesh repair and are experiencing complications from it, please call and schedule a visit with us. We have helped several individuals get back to a normal life again.